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 Whether you are just starting up or your group has been running for some time, we can work with you. The support we offer is practical, considered and bespoke to your needs.

You’re starting something up

Do you have a great idea you want to take forward for the benefit of your community or wider society? We can discuss your needs and offer advice on next steps.
Questions might include: Does your idea have legs? How can you evidence need and demand? What are your plans for taking things forward? What kind of legal structure? How do I promote my cause? How can my project survive in the short term? How about the long term?
All this would be without obligation, but if you would like to contract with us we’ll agree a plan of work with you.

You represent a charity or social enterprise

Are you worried about your group’s long-term sustainability? Have your traditional funding sources dried up? Are there new needs you want to meet? Is core funding a big concern? Through skill, hard work and commitment we will  improve your group’s sustainability. We can discuss your needs and offer you services from the menu below.

You represent a public body

Whatever sector you represent, we can deliver bespoke training and carry out independent consultations – for example with stakeholders, staff, volunteers, service providers, and communities based on residence, background and interest; and researching and producing feasibility studies for new initiatives

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”

Prof. Michael Porter, Harvard Business School

We’ll help you review where you want to go and how you plan to get there. Contact us if you’d like to discuss what we can do.

To do this, we can offer one of more of the following 

Menu of 

We’ll help you review where you want to go and how you plan to get there.

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We’ll help you raise funds for your group or project. Our approach will be tailor-made to suit your needs and priorities, but also to maximise chances of success with the funder or donor. 

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We can help you gather evidence to inform and maintain your group’s development and fundraising potential, and also assess how your group is performing – perhaps by comparing with others working in your field.

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Whether you are just starting up, or contemplating starting up, or running a social enterprise or charity, we are here to offer advice or training. Typical questions we get asked are “How can I attract core funding”; “What is the best legal structure to suit the needs of my group”; “I have an idea for a social enterprise venture, what  do I have to do to take it further?” “How can I prove my project is needed?”

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We can help you with Public Relations to assist your group to reach and influence your target audience. 

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About me, 
Steve Wiseman
Steve Wiseman

Company founder Steve Wiseman has served in the charitable/social enterprise sector in many capacities. Established in 2012, Wiseman and Associates has provided bespoke support to many small charities, social enterprises and pubic bodies with business development, research, fundraising and training. The focus of their work has been wide ranging. Examples include: education and training; international development; community development; permaculture and conservation; children and young people; the arts; heritage; mental health; community centres; medical research; discrimination; legal advice services; advocacy; disadvantaged communities and disability.

Steve’s professional qualifications include an MA in Education and Professional Development, the Institute of Fundraising Diploma in Fundraising Management and Qualified Teacher Status.

His previous career has featured advice and representation work, teaching, journalism and authoring consumer rights guides, as well as being CEO of the Norwich & West Norfolk Citizens Advice Bureau. He developed the Bureau in response to community need, and sourced funding for and managed a wide range of information, advice and advocacy projects in Norwich and Norfolk. Under his leadership the Bureau was seen to be a national pioneer.

He has mentored and supported many people starting up new ventures as well as fundraisers and senior staff, trustees and directors of established groups, and has run countless business development training seminars and founded or co-founded a range of new charities and social enterprises.



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