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Advice and Training
Whether you are just starting up, or contemplating starting up, or running a social enterprise or charity, we are here to offer advice or training. Typical questions we get asked are “How can I attract core funding”; “What is the best legal structure to suit the needs of my group”; “I have an idea for a social enterprise venture, what  do I have to do to take it further?” “How can I prove my project is needed?”

Contact us if you’d like to discuss how we can help in this area.

1. Individual sessions

You and colleagues can have an individual discussion with us to explore your options and consider possible ways forward. This would be free of charge.

2. Facilitated group discussions

From time to time we facilitate group meetings to discuss issues of common interest, for example people who are thinking of starting up social enterprises, or those whose groups have reached a crossroads and need advice. The idea is to share ideas and suggest possible ways forward.  These would be free of charge of low cost to cover overheads

3. Training

We can organise bespoke training seminars and one-to-one mentoring, to help your group with its development, or support individual staff or volunteers in such areas as business planning, bid writing, or developing a PR strategy. Whatever you suggest, we’ll consider it!

Advice & Training 


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