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We can help you gather evidence to inform and maintain your group’s development and fundraising potential, and also assess how your group is performing – perhaps by comparing with others working in your field.

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1. Community research

We can consult the diverse communities you serve or plan to serve, and, if you wish, establish which community members you would like to involve for example as champions, volunteers or having their say through co-production, maybe on a steering committee.

2. Evidencing need

We can also help you evidence the need for your project through consultation with stakeholders, staff, volunteers, other service providers, and distilling third party research findings and commentary from other groups and individuals.

3. Evaluation

This is to help you take stock of how your group or a project is performing, to help adjust and shape plans, or to produce an independent report for a stakeholder. It may include comparing and contrasting with other groups working in your field.

4. Feasibility studies

We can undertake needs analyses and options appraisals to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your group or a proposed venture, opportunities and threats, the resources required to carry through, and ultimately the prospects for success.  



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