Public Relations
We can help you with Public Relations to assist your group to reach and influence your target audience. 

The work you need may form an integral part of the other services we offer, if so Contact us if you’d like to discuss how we can help. If you are only interested in Public Relations do get  in touch direct with Julie Briggs at Get It Communications.

1. Events

We can organise events with carefully constructed approaches for each stakeholder group to fulfil campaign or project objectives – surveying and consulting, recruiting support, raising awareness and influencing attitudes through a dynamic strategy to suit target markets and budgets.

2. Media relations

We’ll draft media releases, and designing PR materials to resonate with target audiences and deliver a compelling call to action.

3. Campaigns

We’ll devise and deliver campaigns with clear outcomes to raise awareness or effect change using a range of platforms, tools and styles in harmony with each group and their audiences.

4. Rebranding and regeneration

We’ll help your group relaunch by carefully reviewing its processes and management systems, and consulting with service providers and their users.

5. Project management

We can assess your project to maximise impact, minimise risk, effectively utilise the allocated budget and reach each stakeholder group using new and innovative approaches.

Public Relations 


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