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  • Business plan –reviewing an existing plan, or producing a new clear plan toward a sustainable future, taking on board anticipated issues and challenges
  • Fundraising strategy – identifying potential funders, donors, sponsors or social investors – researching which sources of finance look most relevant for your group or a project, then tailoring a fundraising strategy to maximise income.
  • Funding applications – drawing up compelling bids, taking on board the priorities and preferences of the funder, donor or sponsor. We are signed up to the Institute of Fundraising Code of Fundraising Practice and Code of Conduct.
  • New ventures –acting as a sounding board to test your plans, discuss the practicalities, and how best to make them happen; and to help you with the procedures to become legally constituted, for example by registering as a charity or a community interest company.
  • Research – consulting the communities you serve or plan to serve, and carrying out other research – all to gather evidence to inform and maintain your group’s development and fundraising potential
  • Competitor analysis – intelligence gathering so you are aware of possible overlaps with your provision, to inform your group’s planning
  • Developing policies – equality and diversity, equal opportunities, environmental; safeguarding; data protection: whatever the policy we can help you draft it
  • Risk assessment– working with groups to anticipate weaknesses and threats, devising procedures to mitigate against them and damage limitation if something goes wrong (conforming to the Charity Commission’s SORP requirements if relevant)
  • Evaluation–helping you take stock of how your group or a project is performing, to help shape plans, or to produce an independent report for a stakeholder
  • Project management – assessing the project to maximise impact, minimise risk, effectively utilise the allocated budget and reach each stakeholder group using new and innovative approaches.
  • Campaigns – devising and delivering campaigns with clear outcomes to raise awareness or effect change using a range of platforms, tools and styles in harmony with each group and their audiences.
  • Events – organising events with carefully constructed approaches for each stakeholder group to fulfill campaign or project objectives –  surveying and consulting, recruiting support, raising awareness and changing attitudes through a dynamic strategy to suit target markets and budgets.
  • Rebranding and regeneration –helping your group relaunch by carefully reviewing its processes and management systems, and consulting with service providers and their users
  • Public relations – writing and designing PR materials to resonate with target audiences and deliver a compelling call to action
  • Training, mentoring and advice – training seminars and bespoke one-to-one support, to help your group with its development