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Dealing with work related stress

Cartoon depicting someone very stressed

We all know that working for a non profit can be a particularly stressful experience.  The plate spinning analogy comes to mind – if you face many competing demands on your time you may sometimes find it hard to cope. Serves – staff and volunteers working in nonprofit organisations Preparation – time out to breathe […]

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Creating a Case for Support

Two young children will footballs

A Case for Support is used to underpin your fundraising efforts, whether it is used directly or adapted to the specific funding opportunity available.    Serves – all nonprofit organisations seeking funding Preparation – comprehensive details on your organisation required Cooking time – approximately 3 days   Photo courtesy of Ingredients Your Mission and […]

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Fundraising Strategy


Serves – voluntary and community organisations Preparation – 1-2 days, longer if substantial research required Cooking time – lasts for up to 3 years, review annually Ingredients Your organisation’s business plan Your organisation’s priorities A list of fundraising options (e.g. community fundraising, grant making trusts, individual donations) Capital items or projects requiring funding An online presence via social media […]