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Decision Making

Thinking about next steps

Big decisions are complicated.  A tangled knot of hopes, fears, possibilities, and questions. Of course like everyone you are influenced by the latest fads or prevailing opinion, by things you were told by parents and others as a child, or by “baggage” and prejudices you’ve picked up over your life.  This recipe may help you make […]

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Influencing People

In order to get the best for your nonprofit you have to exercise influencing skills, to get people to want to do what you want them to.  Perhaps this is when you are acting as an advocate, a lobbyist or campaigner, or a fundraiser, or negotiating with a funding body.  You probably do this unconsciously […]

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Managing change

The thought of dealing with the complexities and uncertainties surrounding change may give you sleepless nights.  It may be hard to avoid that; after all change can often be messy and uncertain – but that is nothing unusual in non profit organisations.  This recipe may help make the process less fraught.     Serves – […]

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Finding creative solutions to problems

Photo of a problem solving fortune cookie

Running a small non profit, as with life in general, presents many problems that need resolutions. We all have that “Eureka!” moment every so often when we have a great idea.  But rather than wait it to happen by accident, consider this recipe to help enhance your creativity. Serves – most non profits Preparation – […]

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Strategy block

Chess board

Strategy block is a painful condition, sometimes suffered by small non profit organisations, in which the leadership find themselves unable to chart a clear way forward for their non profit.  This is usually the result of having got dependant over the years on particular sources of income, and then found it has been cut, or […]

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How to be a confident, compelling public speaker

Microphone in front of an audience

On behalf of your organisation you probably have to speak to a range of audiences, large and small.   Follow this recipe to maximise your chances of creating a favourable impression.    Serves – Trustees, staff and volunteers working in nonprofit organisations Preparation – approximately 1-2 days, depending on speech and audience, though with practice […]

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How to recruit the right volunteers for your organisation

volunteers' hands up

Volunteers are, of course, a great asset to many non profit organisations but quite often it isn’t easy to recruit the right people.  Serves – most voluntary organisations Preparation – time to ascertain what skills your organisation needs Cooking time – approximately 3 weeks Ingredients List of volunteer roles required A volunteer application form A […]

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Seeking corporate funding

Picture of an Oyster card disposal box for charity

Non profit organisations could do more to benefit their target groups by working in partnership with businesses, either to achieve cash donations or in‑kind contributions e.g. donations of goods and services, specialist pro bono help or employee time.   The current value of corporate donations to UK charities is estimated to be around £1.6 billion […]