How we work

The first thing we do is discuss your needs and explore your options. This may take one or more meetings, but these will be free of charge and without obligation. If you then decide you would like our help, you can choose what you would like us to do, and in what order of priority.

You may want us to carry out a one-off piece of work or a combination of activities, from this menu of options.

After you’ve selected from the menu we will draw up a plan of action with your agreement.

We’ll work alongside you and your colleagues, getting to know you, your group and the context in which you work.

We will do the work for you where we can, regularly keeping in touch by phone, email or meetings to ensure you are happy with our progress. Some activities will of course require us to work jointly with you, but, we’ll take care not take up your time unduly. We appreciate that you are likely to have a heavy workload!

To discuss your needs with us, please do phone or email us.

Our values

We are committed to:

  • integrity and transparency – doing the right thing and working openly
  • care and understanding – of your group, the communities you support and your stakeholders
  • the pursuit of excellence in our services
  • flexible ways of working – doing what it takes to get the job done
  • serving the group’s cause
  • creating a package that is bespoke to your needs
  • going the extra mile

Whatever your unique requirements, we will provide a tailor-made service which will enable you to meet the needs of your group and realise your vision.

Fee structure

We will enter into a contract with you to provide the services from our menu after discussing and agreeing with you the length of time needed for us to complete the work.

Our fee structure is based on a daily rate which is competitive with other consultants working in the field. We’ll agree this in advance, so you know where you stand.

If your group cannot afford fees, still talk to us as we may be able to find a way of helping nonetheless.  However, please note we do not work on a commission only basis.

Our contracts are compliant with the Institute of Fundraising Codes of Practice and Charity Commission requirements.