We can help you and your group to make a difference

Hello and welcome! Our company exists to help you, your community group, social enterprise or charity to move forward. Whether you are just starting up or your group has been running for some time, we can work with you.  The support we offer is practical, considered and bespoke to your needs.

Do you have a great idea?

Do you have a great idea you want to take forward for the benefit of your community or wider society?  We can appraise your needs and come up with a plan to help you realise your vision.

This plan might include mentoring and advice; considering legal structures; running campaigns; business planning; researching evidence of need; community consultations; developing a fundraising strategy; bidding for grants or tenders; or seeking donations and sponsorships.

Are you already making a difference?

Or do you represent a small or medium-sized community group, charity or social enterprise? We can work with you on your ideas for development.

This may include identifying and applying to potential funders, donors or sponsors; running campaigns; project management; developing policies; organising events or promotions; creating or reviewing a business plan; community consultations; competitor analysis; risk assessments; or carrying out an independent evaluation of your work or a particular project.

Do you need help with training, community consultation or research?

We draw on this experience to work with groups in the public, commercial and voluntary sectors on a wide range of projects including delivering training; carrying out independent consultations within communities; and researching and producing feasibility studies for new initiatives.